Simply The Best

The Lightwings Lighting V-Wings are Simply the best T5 and T8 highbay fixtures available. Over 25 years of experience in the energy efficient lighting field has gone into the specialized design of this fixture line. Check out the descriptive information listed below and feel free to browse our site to review all the product types and options available.

The Lightwings "V-Wing" delivers an even distribution of light. Overlapping coverage on a horizontal plane illuminates evenly with minimal shadows. Broad patterns allow for lower mounting heights and wider spacing. Miro-4 reflective surface in a computer design sets the industry standard. Lightwings are unbeatable for open areas. We use only name-brand lamps and ballasts, no "cheap off-brands", as the long-term reliability of our product is of utmost importance. In the final analysis, you are paying for light.... nothing else. The cost of the light fixture is only about 5% of the total cost over the next 20 years. Lightwings performance makes the fixture a great value

We only utilize top name-brand lamps and ballasts in the Lightwings fixtures. This not only equates to knowing that the product will perform as specified - but that parts will continue to be available for the entire life of the fixtures. Each fixture is assembled and tested by experienced craftsmen in our manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania. The steel in the fixture body is "specification grade" and NYC approved for thickness. All metal parts are painted individually, prior to assembly, which means there are no unpainted sharp edges. You can be assured that the Lightwings will be faithfully operational long after cheaper "pieces of tin" have gone to the trash bin.

TheThe unique "Lightwings V-Wing" speaks for itself. The separation of the ballast cavity from the reflective surface keeps the ballast running cooly and efficiently. Our T5design has achieved the "55c" approval from GE engineering, meaning it is approved for mounting in ambient temperatures up to 55 degrees Celsius (131 degrees Farenheight). The cost of installation and maintenance should not be overlooked. From the start, Lightwings can be delivered fully assembled in a convenient job pack. Within 2 minutes, you have 20 to 50 fixtures ready for installation. The need for a prep area and fixture prep person is eliminated, saving $40 to $70 an hour on labor costs. The lightweight, though sturdy fixture can be held in one hand, making installation simple. Unwieldy, long, large fixtures may require an extra installer, adding more to the labor costs.

If the price of the fixture is your determining factor, you need to truly look at the overall cost of the lightwings fixture. Consider all aspects, superior quality and tested reliability all add to the long-term cost of the fixture. Ease of installation and saving labor costs add to the short-term cost of the fixture. In all aspects, quality, performance and innovation - Lightwings fixtures are "Simply the Best".