Save an additional $40-$70 per hour with our innovative shipping crate!

When ordering quantities of 1 to 9 Lightwings, they are shipped fully assembled and individually packed in a double walled cardboard carton via UPS or FedEx.

For large quantities of Lightwings fixtures, the shipping container can become your prep area

For larger orders, the "hard crate" is available instead of individually boxed fixtures. The real savings occur when ordering 20 or more fixtures. A no extra charge, we will package and ship your fixtures in a hard crate which can serve as a prep area and enable you to work without a prep assistant

The advantages to you are:

- This system completely eliminates the need for an assembler - saving you $40-$70 per hour.

- The fixtures are delivered fully assembled. The cords, lamps and mounting hardware are all in the same crate. You open the crate and everything is there and easily accessible.

- The damage that can occur in shipping is virtually eliminated.

- Huge piles of cardboard from shipping are completely eliminated.

- The crate becomes your work station. 4 screws are all that is required to turn the crate into a fixture prep area.
Total time involved is 1 minute.
1. Remove the fixture from the crate
2. Place the fixture on the work station
3. Peel off the protective reflector film
4. Install the lamps
5. Hand the fixture to the installer

- The crate of Lightwings fixtures is on a pallet, and can roll along using a pallet jack, allowing the work station to follow along with the
progression of the installation crew. The prep area and "prep person" are eliminated, saving you hundreds of dollars a day.

- Crates are quickly opened by removing a few screws and can be quickly closed if overnight security is desired.

- For an even greater savings, Lightwings can be supplied in a "bulk pack". This is a similar crate, but with up to 96 fixtures and associated materials. The reflector is shipped off of the fixture in the bulk packs, but only takes a minute to install utilizing the integrated prep-station.

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Basic crate pack

Crate pack with prep workstation